Due Diligence on Auditing Firms in India

External Auditor’s opinion play a very important role in the global capital markets system. A third party opinion on the representations made in a company’s financial statements serves as assurance of precision and lucidity, builds investor confidence, helps to pour extra finances from banks & financial institutions. However, when investors learn of financial statement misrepresentations, […]

Real Estate Laundering

Though Money Laundering Regulations don’t cover the Real Estate Sector Directly, it covers the transactions in the financial statements. Investments in the Real Estate properties, Joint Ventures and Financing deals take place through the banking system. This video is the small explaination of how the money gets laundered through the real estate sector. Lack of […]

enhanced due diligence

Enhanced Due Diligence Reports for Compliance Professionals

In today’s fast-paced business world, organisations are faced with the increasing challenge of managing regulatory, reputational and compliance risks while trying to build and grow their business. It becomes essential to understand the reach and nexus of the Individual with whom we are entering into the business relationship. Enhanced Due Diligence Reports Bankers are required […]

Certified Due Diligence Specialist

Certified Due Diligence Specialist Certified Due Diligence Specialist is the course designed for the financial sector professionals who are regularly involved in the activities such as investment, take over, mergers, amalgamations, joint ventures and large scale lending. To complete any of these transactions, due diligence becomes essential. In some places, due diligence is considered to […]

India specific due diligence reports

The analysts at Biznexxus have collective experience of more than 50 years of conducting due diligence on subject companies and individuals in India. This experience has produced a truly refined research methodology that ensures our reports to produce the X factor that the client is looking at. Challenges with Due Diligence in India It is important to consider […]

Biznexxus Pre-defined Special Reports

Biznexxus is one of the most exhaustive research providers in the domain of Governance, Risk and Compliance.We help the clients to generate the reports as per their requirements, here is a list of reports which are pre-defined and taking the exposure on the businesses or individuals which are named here is considered to be heightened […]

What is Biznexxus

What is Biznexxus ? Biznexxus is an independent financial research and analytics company that specializes in building the nexus between various individuals and businesses in India. Biznexxus work with leading banks, PE/VC firms, consulting houses and corporates. Biznexxus provide company reports with rich information on many of the companies in India in a very time-efficient […]