Real Time Coverage

Biznexxus compiles extensive database of the heightened risk individuals and the businesses. The data is dynamic and is updated regularly. Following table gets updated as soon as their are updates in the Biznexxus databases.It is essential to understand certain basic concepts of the Indian corporate world before getting into the statistics. Directorships In India one […]

Forensic Due Diligence Services

Certified Due Diligence Specialists are some times required to perform the investigations into certain aspects of the business transaction, this type of investigative due diligence is typically termed as the forensic due diligence. Forensic Due diligence became popular in the wake of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the USA. Forensic Due Diligence Services Conducting forensic […]

Reputational Due Diligence Services

Auditronix which is the leader in due diligence certifications and services provides the customised service in the due diligence space. customised due diligence categories of services range from the confidential due diligence, forensic due diligence, reputational due diligence and FCPA Due diligence. Reputational Due Diligence Auditronix is probably the only company in India which offers […]

Employee Due Diligence

What actually does the term Due Diligence mean? The term due Diligence is the art of carefully investigating,verifying and analyzing  the obtained data from the research . In terms of employee due diligence, the most important thing which is to be seen is the past performance or actions of the employee.The due diligence start from […]

Defining Due Diligence in India

“Due diligence is the process of  systematically researching, analyzing and verifying the accuracy of financial and non-financial aspect of business at the time of Initial Public Offer , Merger and Acquisition ,Sanctioning of Loan, Investment in New Business, Venture Capital funding , Divestment.” These term due diligence originated in the business world, when the need […]

Strategic Due Diligence

What exactly is strategic due diligence? Whereas financial and legal due diligence ascertain the potential value of a deal and concern buying the company “at the right price,” Strategic Due Diligence explores whether that potential is realistic(however luring). It tests the strategic rationale behind a proposed transaction with two broad questions. Is the deal commercially […]

What is Enhanced Due Diligence

What is Enhanced Due Diligence? Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) is used by regulatory authorities in the United States and others that requires financial institutions to take additional steps of examination and caution to identify their customers and confirm that their activities and funds are legitimate. Sometimes referred to as “special due diligence” Enhanced Due Diligence […]

Due Diligence Services for investors

Due diligence” can be defined as “the care that a reasonable person or organization exercises under specific circumstances to avoid harm to themselves or others.” People and organizations are usually expected or required to perform necessary and appropriate due diligence before undertaking expensive and/or critical efforts. Said another way, due diligence is a risk aversion, […]

Conducting FCPA Due Diligence

Under the FCPA,a company can be liable for the activities of its agents, consultants, advisers, joint venture partners, and other relevant third parties. As recent cases have demonstrated, Agents are one of the most common channels for illegal payments. Where an Agent acting on behalf of or as the representative of a company pays a […]