Score Card of Heightened Risk Entities

HRE Scorecard is the risk management report, which acts as the first level of information source for the professionals looking to obtain intelligence on the corporate entity in India. Riskpro technology, which built the technology solution for the bankers to identify the risks associated with the companies and individuals by establishing the nexus with the […]

FCPA Due Diligence in India

FCPA Due Diligence is becoming important in the wake of growing enforcement. Walmart divorced Bharti over the foreign corrupt practices act. American Multinational Retail Firm – Walmart paid millions of dollars of bribe in India mostly in the form of innumerable small payments to low-level local officials to “help move goods through customs or obtain […]

Brands of Riskpro

Riskpro owns four brands in the domain of frauds, forensic accounting and auditing. Forensic Accounting in India started with just one word – Indiaforensic. Established in the year 2005, Indiaforensic is one of the most prominent and the oldest brands of Riskpro. Indiaforensic is the leading provider of the certifications in the forensic accounting domain […]

phases of diigital forensics

Phases of Digital forensics engagements

In general, the goal of digital forensic analysis is to identify digital evidence for an investigation. An investigation typically uses both physical and digital evidence with the scientific method to draw conclusions. Examples of investigations that use digital forensics include computer intrusion, unauthorized use of corporate computers, child pornography, and any physical crime whose suspect […]