Due Diligence on Auditing Firms in India

External Auditor’s opinion play a very important role in the global capital markets system. A third party opinion on the representations made in a company’s financial statements serves as assurance of precision and lucidity, builds investor confidence, helps to pour extra finances from banks & financial institutions. However, when investors learn of financial statement misrepresentations, […]

India specific due diligence reports

The analysts at Biznexxus have collective experience of more than 50 years of conducting due diligence on subject companies and individuals in India. This experience has produced a truly refined research methodology that ensures our reports to produce the X factor that the client is looking at. Challenges with Due Diligence in India It is important to consider […]

Biznexxus Pre-defined Special Reports

Biznexxus is one of the most exhaustive research providers in the domain of Governance, Risk and Compliance.We help the clients to generate the reports as per their requirements, here is a list of reports which are pre-defined and taking the exposure on the businesses or individuals which are named here is considered to be heightened […]

Defining Due Diligence in India

“Due diligence is the process of  systematically researching, analyzing and verifying the accuracy of financial and non-financial aspect of business at the time of Initial Public Offer , Merger and Acquisition ,Sanctioning of Loan, Investment in New Business, Venture Capital funding , Divestment.” These term due diligence originated in the business world, when the need […]

Due Diligence Services for investors

Due diligence” can be defined as “the care that a reasonable person or organization exercises under specific circumstances to avoid harm to themselves or others.” People and organizations are usually expected or required to perform necessary and appropriate due diligence before undertaking expensive and/or critical efforts. Said another way, due diligence is a risk aversion, […]

Scope of Due Diligence

With the continuous rising trend of companies through out the world there is much need of those individuals who can carry out the function of due diligence beyond the financial Statements . There are various instances where the activity of due diligence is required to be carried conducted, which has increased the scope of Due […]