Applying forensic auditing in banks

There are multiple reasons behind increasing frauds in the banking sector. Though the fraud control units are supposed to look into various facets of the frauds, in most of the private sector banks it was observed that the focus of fraud control units remained on Credit card frauds. Birth of…

Certified Technology Banking Fraud Expert

This certification focus on technology banking frauds with the special emphasis on the card frauds and laundering with digital currencies

enhanced due diligence

Enhanced Due Diligence for a Bank

Team of Riskpro was engaged by the bank to conduct the enhanced due diligence on the consumer product company. Target was the private limited company based in the southern part of India and it was represented by three directors. The Enhanced Due Diligence included specific elements required by Client and…


Forensic Accounting for Banks

Team of Riskpro was hired by a bank, to conduct the forensic accounting work for a remotely located branch. In a small branch of big bank advances shot up 100% in a particular year. Loan portfolio contained bill discounted. The perpetrator of the fraud in collusion with the branch manager…