rashmi bansal

Thank you Rashmi Bansal

Thank You note Couple of months back when i got the linkedin message from Rashmi Bansal, I had sleepless nights thinking that I was considered for the next project of Rashmi Bansal. One of my Idol, favorite women entrepreneur. I have been a great follower of Rashmi Bansal’s books. She has written some of the […]

phases of diigital forensics

Phases of Digital forensics engagements

In general, the goal of digital forensic analysis is to identify digital evidence for an investigation. An investigation typically uses both physical and digital evidence with the scientific method to draw conclusions. Examples of investigations that use digital forensics include computer intrusion, unauthorized use of corporate computers, child pornography, and any physical crime whose suspect […]

benefits of digital forensics

Benefits of Digital Forensics

It is generally said that the forensic accountant analyse 100% data as against the external auditors chosing the samples. But imagine as a certified forensic accounting professional you are required to analyze hundreds of thousands or even millions of line items of journal entries, invoice items, receipts and payments. How would you identify items to […]

Digital forensics

Defining Digital Forensics

In order to create awareness about the digital forensics, Indiaforensic offers the series of articles on the subject of digital forensic and its applications. An increasing number of forensic accountants are developing specializations and are obtaining the CFAP credentials. Indiaforensic enables CFAPs to gain a sound understanding of forensic and technology issues through these credentials […]

Definition and Basics of Forensic Audit

Defining Forensic Audit Forensic Audit is a term which is not defined anywhere. However, since the object is to relate the findings of audit by gathering legally tenable evidence and in doing so the corporate veil may be lifted (in case of corporate entities) to identify the fraud and the persons responsible for it (a criminal offence). Typically forensic accounting […]

Watch your step

“Terrorists are effectively using the Internet banking system for financing their operations. Money is easily transferred from the various destinations of the legitimate businesses to the accounts of the terrorist. They prefer this because of the secrecy and anonymity they can maintain with their banking operations,” says Mayur Joshi, Founder and Director, Indiaforensic Consultancy Services. […]