Riskpro Publication on BASEL III

Certified BASEL III Professional


Handbook on BASEL III is one of the foremost publications of Riskpro Publications in the compliance domain. This book is the only reference book for the Certified BASEL III Professional course.

Indiaforensic introduced one of the first certification in BASEL III for Indian banks in the year 2015. Certified BASEL III Professional is one of the first few certifications offered in India on the subject of BASEL III, which requires banks to maintain capital adequacy.

BASEL-III and Risk Management Training and certification course offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies addresses the deep understanding of concepts associated with it based on our deep domain expertise that assures you to accelerate your knowledge domain to the key facets of Basel Implementation.

The Indiaforensic offers standard training and certification program and tailor-made training programs on Basel II, Basel III and Risk Management for students who want to pursue career in Risk Management, Auditors, Article Assistants, professionals working for Bank, Financial Institutions, NBFCs, IT Companies and consultants.

Riskpro Publication on BASEL III

BASEL III Compliance is one of the first publication of the Riskpro Publication division

  • Accounting Firms
  • Risk Officers
  • Students who foresee their career in upcoming areas of Risk Management
  • Auditors
  • Article/Audit Assistants
  • Young professionals who want to get into the area of Risk Management

Course Synopsis:

Understanding Risk Management

  • Introduction to Basel
  • Understanding Basel II
  • Limitations of Basel II which gave rise to Basel III
  • Comparison of Basel II and Basel III
  • Pillar 1 – Minimum Capital Requirements
  • The quality of capital and risk weighted assets
  • Credit Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • The capital ratio
  • Understanding concept and Calculation of leverage ratio
  • Capital Conservation Buffer
  • Counter-cyclical Capital Buffer
  • Pillar 2 – Supervisory Review
  • Pillar 3 – Market Discipline – Covering Disclosure requirements under Basel III
  • Basel III Global Liquidity Ratios
  • Stress Testing, Scenario Analysis and Basel

Handbook on BASEL III