Certified Due Diligence Specialist

Certified Due Diligence Specialist

Certified Due Diligence Specialist is the course designed for the financial sector professionals who are regularly involved in the activities such as investment, take over, mergers, amalgamations, joint ventures and large scale lending. To complete any of these transactions, due diligence becomes essential. In some places, due diligence is considered to be the synonym of the Background Verification. Businesses are positioning themselves strategically to meet the current challenges of  global economy. Many of the Indian businesses are entering into cross border alliances to broad base their footprints into the global market. Another reason businesses are diversifying is to spread risk functionally and globally. It has become necessary to conduct investigation into the affairs of an entity prior to its acquisition, flotation, restructuring. This process of investigation is also called as Due diligence. Certified Due Diligence Specialist course covers these aspects in detail.

Syllabus for Certified Due Diligence Specialist

  1. What is Due Diligence?
  2. Work Approach to Due Diligence
  3. Planning a Due Diligence
  4. Writing due diligence reports
  5. Due Diligence Approaches
  6. Risks in Due Diligence Process

Level of Course

Certified Due Diligence Specialist course is a professional level course, specifically designed for the experienced professionals having the domain knowledge in the subject.

Process of Admission

Aspiring students may fill out the application form and arrange to send it either online or can send the copy of the form alongwith the cheque or demand draft the official address of Biznexxus LLP.

To get more information about the course please contact us on contactus@biznexxus.com