Due Diligence Services for investors

Due diligence” can be defined as “the care that a reasonable person or organization exercises under specific circumstances to avoid harm to themselves or others.” People and organizations are usually expected or required to perform necessary and appropriate due diligence before undertaking expensive and/or critical efforts. Said another way, due diligence is a risk aversion, and/or risk mitigation strategy.

Due Diligence services

An investment due diligence service consists of looking at four aspects of the investment transaction –

Financial side of a business which we call as financial due diligence The legal standing, structuring and related matters (legal due diligence), Technological feasibility of the transaction also referred to as Technical Due diligence Investigation into the backgrounds of the promoters is also termed as Forensic due diligence.

For more than a Decade, the consultants at Auditronix are involved in safeguarding clients around the globe by providing investigative due diligence and business investigative services, utilizing a vast network of professional resources strategically located throughout key regions of the Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Auditronix establishes the legal compliance, financial viability and integrity levels of those outside partners, suppliers, customers and other sources worldwide that seek potential affiliations with your business.

Due diligence is especially critical when dealing with businesses or governmental organizations in developing markets. In this environment it is essential that businesses become completely familiar with the operations of international clients, business partners, distributors, agents, consultants and individuals before conducting offshore transactions, establishing formal corporate partnerships or committing to international investments.

Biznexxus changing Due Diligence services in India

Riskpro Management Consulting has developed unique database called Biznexxus for the lenders and investors which establish the relationship between the different directors in India with each other. These links are helpful for the banks to understand the political involvement in the business.

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