Employee Background Checks

Not knowing your employee well, leaves the organisation vulnerable to potential frauds. It’s important to send a strong message to all the potential hires to let them know you’re watching and any false representation will be uncovered.

Employee background screening is the process of verifying the qualifications, suitability and experience of a potential candidate for employment. The techniques we use include verification of employment background, confirmation of educational and professional qualifications, criminal history searches, and credit checks.

Screening applicants reduces the likelihood of people with a history of dishonest or fraudulent behaviour being given a role within the company, and is therefore an important fraud prevention procedure.

Wrong hires are expensive. It is estimated that résumé fraud costs employers approximately $600 billion annually.

The Checks


Biznexus VS proprietary online secured platform automates the process of conducting background checks, reduces the human intervention to the extent that the reports are generated on the platform and dispatched to the client. Clients also do have real time update by accessing the platform.