Certified Due Diligence Specialists are some times required to perform the investigations into certain aspects of the business transaction, this type of investigative due diligence is typically termed as the forensic due diligence. Forensic Due diligence became popular in the wake of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the USA.

Forensic Due Diligence Services

Conducting forensic due diligence requires global knowledge of fraud and corruption trends together with highly specialised investigative and industry experience.
The primary objective of the forensic due diligence analysis is to evaluate the potential future loss in value resulting from inappropriate or unethical business practices of the target.These analyses concentrate on specific areas — for example, travel and entertainment expenses, consultancy and agency fees, political and charitable donations, and cash transactions — that may be insignificant in amount but significant in terms of regulatory risk associated with the deal. Contractual arrangements are also considered, including the granting and renewal of licenses and procurement processes. Findings can assist the acquirer when factored into negotiations and can help reduce risk and disruption from the transaction post-deal. Depending on the target’s industry sector, analysing other aspects of the target’s operations may also be appropriate.
Given the current international regulatory environment and increasing investment in emerging markets, one area on which forensic due diligence is typically focused is bribery and corruption.

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