Overview of Biznexus Solution for Investors

Classification of Biznexus  Data

Biznexus is updated daily and the size of the database is always changing. The records can be accessed by the subscribers. However, the following graph depicts the classification of the companies in our database according to the nature of the business.

Involvement level 

Biznexus contains more than 6000 businesses in India and they are divided on the basis of the political involvement. Some businesses are run by the politicians themselves where as in some cases politicians have in-direct interests. Our database classify these companies based on direct and in-direct databases

 State-wise Records

Biznexus has huge record base updated on the daily basis. The politicians across the various states are analysed and the data is provided for the analysis of the clients. The clients can check the data on the states before actually making the decision to purchase the access to the Biznexus database.