Investigative Accounting

Law enforcement agencies require the help of forensic accountants to investigate frauds related to the investors and to present the economic offenses before the court of laws. Where the investors money is at stake the forensic accounting analysis of financial statements play a very crucial role.

Riskpro pioneers the forensic accounting market as it is one of the very few companies registered with the Government of Maharashtra to work on the forensic accounting assignments with the various Law Enforcement agencies. Today we are recognized as market leaders commanding a dominant market share in the Public Sector Undertakings and Government work and a reputation for offering soft solutions to fraud problems.

In response to escalating white-collar crime, we started the forensic accounting practice in 2008. We help clients prevent, detect and mitigate the risk of fraud, misconduct and non-compliance.

Satyam episode has proved that Information Technology sector is very much prone to frauds. Professionals in our team were associated with the investigation of the Satyam frauds. Post Satyam, our team is rendering forensic accounting services to the Information Technology sector.Our team has helped the Information Technology companies in resolving the acute business problems and have conducted assignments like

  • Application of Forensic accounting techniques and understanding the financial statements of the various IT companies
  • Investigating the frauds based on the whistleblowing complaints
  • Recovering the data by applying the computer forensic techniques