Linkedin for Certified Indiaforensic Members

Many Certified Indiaforensic members are in the business of Forensic Accounting. This article elaborates how Linkedin can be used as an effective tool for generating more leads for their business. LinkedIn is increasingly becoming an advanced database for finding people who are difficult to locate.

One of my techie friend who runs a software company was looking for the US investor. Found the investor on linkedin and communicated the elevator pitch through linkedin. He received the response in few days to come to the office with complete presentation.

Linkedin empowers the Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals to expand their business in a non-traditional fashion. I have seen couple of members sending proposals to their potential clients on a regular basis. Most traditional way of generating the leads is to connect with the potential client and send the proposal. However this method has its own limitations. According to some of the professionals the hit-ratio was more than 2-3%.

Linkedin for Certified Indiaforensic Members

However, there is something more than that a Certified Forensic Accounting Professional can expect from Linkedin. When a professional is soliciting the business in a traditional method, his request for the connection may or may not be accepted by the C class executives of the fortune 500 companies, nor will he get the access to their emails.

Linkedin provides the option of in-mail guarantee. Linkedin has made it a very smart by offering the money back guarantee for no response to the in-mail. But the professionals donot get to see the email address nor do they get to see his contact co-ordinates.Still this is recommended for the CFAP members soliciting the forensic accounting assignments. When the in-mail is sent then you can expect some response from the potential clients, for the credits consumed. However, if there is no response in certain period, then linkedin reverses the credit which was procured and you get another opportunity to contact additional potential client.

The cost of this service Rs.240 per lead, which looks expensive but if the professionals are prepared with the content, this service yields good results.

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