Policy for using Logoes

As a part of ongoing drive to promote the forensic accounting profession, Riskpro has come up with the new logo for the “Certified Member Firms” of Indiaforensic. This logo is artistically designed to add up marketability to the forensic accounting services ofered by your firm.

This new logo seeks to enhance the identity of the Certified Member Firms of Indiaforensic. Before placing the logo on your website make sure that you have send your profile to the Indiaforensic team and the your explicit consent has been given to the content in your profile. When the logo will be placed on the website your brief profile with Riskpro will be displayed on a single click on this logo. The information is displayed in the standardised manner. If the visitor donot see the information attached with the logo then there is a need to understand that the firm is using fake logo of Indiaforensic and is not authorised to use our logo.