Real Time Coverage

Biznexxus compiles extensive database of the heightened risk individuals and the businesses. The data is dynamic and is updated regularly. Following table gets updated as soon as their are updates in the Biznexxus databases.It is essential to understand certain basic concepts of the Indian corporate world before getting into the statistics.


In India one person can occupy multiple Directorships. Companies Act’2013 restricts the directorships to maximum 15 companies excluding private limited companies. Biznexxus compiles the information on various directorships of the individuals in India and produce different reports.

Real Time Coverage


It is essential to understand the different types of the formats in which a business can be established.

  • Private Ltd Company
  • Public Ltd Company
  • Companies Listed on Stock Markets
  • Limited Liability Partnership(LLP)

Biznexxus compiles the information about these type of entities from various public domain sources and various registries. This data is perpetually updated, when there are significant changes in the business nexuses. These updations are event driven and we donot maintain or aggregate the data of all the companies in the registry. We donot clone the data from the other registries to make it interesting. We provide only the databases which are based on the solid fundamental research.