Reputational Due Diligence Services

Auditronix which is the leader in due diligence certifications and services provides the customised service in the due diligence space. customised due diligence categories of services range from the confidential due diligence, forensic due diligence, reputational due diligence and FCPA Due diligence.

Reputational Due Diligence

Auditronix is probably the only company in India which offers the reputational due diligence services. The reputation due diligence service is a systematic investigation of target partners conducted with the intension of validating facts and collecting additional information that will help taking an informed decision. It addresses the following key concerns:

  • Legitimacy of operations
  • Beneficiary ownership & their track record
  • Statutory compliance
  • Track Record
  • Reputation issues
  • FCPA and other anti-corruption-related due diligence on potential third parties, agents and partners
  • Pre-appointment investigations of executive and board member candidates

The due diligence uses public domain resources including the internet, subscription databases and media consolidators. Public domain inputs are complimented with inputs from confidential and discreet sources comprising of industry experts, investment bankers, enforcement authorities, brokerages, vendors, customers and others. This approach provides a 360 degree view of the subject and enables business entities to take informed decisions.

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