Risk Based Internal Audit in India

Risk Based Internal Audit

Scope of Internal Audit is changing fast. The factors that have permanently changed the business environment—globalisation, volatility, economic upheaval, technological advances, political and regulatory change—have also drastically expanded the risk landscape. Riskpro has developed Risk Based Internal Audit methodology to address these risks and for consistent execution in every internal audit practice around the world.Risk-based internal audit service of Riskpro focuses on our clients’ objectives and impediments to achieving those objectives.

We offer following services through the Risk-Based Internal Audit :

  1. Setting up of Internal Audit function
  2. Undertaking internal audit risk assessments
  3. Developing risk-based assurance plans
  4. Identifying and monitoring Key Risk Indicators and Early Warning Signals
  5. Data analytics
  6. Forensic audits and investigations
  7. Implementing IT systems to support Internal Audit delivery
  8. Providing specialist skills to execute audit engagements in specialized areas (fraud investigations, project monitoring, implementing IT systems, revenue assurance, etc.)

We bring thrisk based internal audite required skills, experience and capacity to the table in co-sourcing with or outsourcing your internal audit function. We draw on our specialist skills to bring a comprehensive solution to our clients. In addition to providing independent assurance on critical business processes, we strive to be strategic business advisors by focusing on continuous business improvement and assist you to achieve your business objectives.

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For further information about our internal audit services, please contact Rajendra Kumar, at rajendra.kumar@riskpro.co.in or call on 020-24320249. You can also reach Rajendra on +91- 9766594401