Statistics on Heightened Risk Entities in India

Riskpro technology build the KYC remediation tool around its proprietary biznexxus solution

Riskpro Technology offers the intelligence as service. Due to the growing menace of the bad loans lenders are required to gather the intelligence about the borrowers. Biznexxus is one of the biggest curated database of heightened risk individuals and entities in India. There are 27 different touch points for compilation.

The below dashboard is a dynamic data which reveals the statistics of the various different risks covered by the Riskpro Technology.


Indian government announced the regulator for Chartered Accountants. Riskpro technology compiles the information about the Indian Auditors and the risk associated with these audit firms in India. Biznexxus is probably the only database offering which identifies the risk associated with the audit firms.

Politically Exposed Individuals

Biznexxus is the most exhaustive database which compiles the politico-businesses in India. Dashboard reveals only the direct list of the politicians for whom identifiers are available. Politically exposed persons includes the relatives of the politicians. However, the above dashboard excludes the business associates of the politicians.


Biznexxus developed the capability to identify the business interests of anti-social elements such as terrorists, notorious social elements etc. in Indian companies. These terrorist pose a greater risk before the banking sector companies.

Foreign Individuals

Due to the impact of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, India first realized the need to identify US citizens, when we started compiling the data on foreign individuals. However, as the risk management domain evolved we have started compiling the data of the professionals from almost 100 different countries working in India.

Riskpro Technology Add-on tools

Our solution also offers small tools built around the database of the heightened risk individuals and entities in India. One such widely violated provision of the companies act is section 165 of Companies Act’2013. According to this section, no person can hold directorships in more than 20 companies.