Tally Forensic for Indian accountants

tally forensic by riskproTally is the most popular accounting software in India. Tally is one of the most popular accounting software in the SME sector having the highest penetration and reach in India. It is more of the accounting machine and the Tally forensic is not yet borne.

What is Tally Forensic ?

Digital forensic activities conducted around the Tally Software offered by the Tally Solutions are not very common in India. Riskpro is one of the leaders in the digital forensic activities conducted around the Tally software.

We have observed that the tally software provides lot of space for the accountants to delete the accounting entries from the system without providing the trail which makes it difficult for the forensic accountants to analyze the tally data.

Tally has one of the highest penetration in Indian market but there is no tool which offer the complete solution for the tally system. It is hard to export the tally data for the forensic analysis.

The team of Riskpro specialise in the Tally forensic solutions and help the clients to

  1. Export the tally data for the digital forensic analysis – One of our partner companies have built the enscript on exporting of the exact tally data for forensic analysis
  2. Remove the Tally Administrator password protection – Tally forensic team of Riskpro can offer this service from as low as Rs.3000 per tally backup file.
  3. Remove the Tally Vault Password protection
  4. Recover the deleted tally data files – This service is not for recovering the deleted individual entries from the tally software.
  5. Forensic analysis of the tally data recovered

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