Expectations of Forensic Professionals from Linkedin

LinkedIn is facing the two biggest problems that all social networks face, competition for eyes and how to monetize. Social Networking is full of competition and Facebook and Twitter are mega competitors.Another competitor is Branchout, which bills itself as the leading professional network on Facebook, and publishes a Facebook app. It has more than 25 million users.Meanwhile, sites such as the Fraud Force Online Community, launched by Iovation recently for fraud professionals, and At The Pool, are springing up.[Source: Ecommercetimes]

If the Linkedin guys are reading this, I am sure you will engage me to improve the subscriber experience and to effectively fight the competition from Iovation.

Competition by the Fraud Force Online community interested me to write this article. I believe that as the forensic accounting professional I want Linkedin to do something more for me. When I open the Linkedin in the morning, i get the list of the suggested readings. On the professional networking website i really donot expect the news related to Presidential elections of USA, they are good to read but for that i have Google news and other mainstream media sites. However,my profession demands me to be updated with the developments in the antifraud domain and not in politics or sports. I would expect the professional networking site to provide me option to customize the news related to my profession.

Today, i have to search the news related to the antifraud news in various different sources. Sometimes back i wanted to understand the trend of start-up companies in antifraud domain and i found this interesting start-up called fraudexpress on iStart. This was probably the foremost idea of the social networking for the antifraud professionals but the idea was dropped due to the lack of funding as it often happens in India and today this has grown like an e-commerce website for the professionals in Asian region.Their experience of building the anti-fraud professional community in the Asian region can definately help Linkedin to expand the base of professionals and to provide the engaging content to the loyal readers like me.