Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert

Certified Anti Moneylaundering Expert is the benchmark certification in the compliance domain addressing the issues related to KYC, Hawala, benami transactions

The Certification course focus on the identification of the suspicious transactions. The certification course material is a big repository of the cases related to Money Laundering in India. You get a complete AML manual when your application is accepted by the board of Indiaforensic. This Anti-money laundering manual is an exhaustive resource for the professionals who are fighting hard to combat the peril of laundering.
Participants are free to take the exams according to their convenience. The exams are conducted as Internet Based exams.
“Indiaforensic” is the pioneer in the field of Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations and with its introduction of the AML course now it is also entering in a new space of fighting the perils of Laundering in India
In order to differential the Certified Anti Moneylaundering Experts from the various other members, we offer bouquet of benefits and flexibilities to the potential AML professionals.
The term “money laundering” is said to have originated from Mafia ownership of Laundromats in the United States. Gangsters were earning huge sums in cash from extortion, prostitution, gambling and bootleg liquor. They needed to show a legitimate source for these monies. In India Money Laundering Laws are still in the nascent stage but the techniques of Laundering are existing since long. Hawala form of Laundering is very common in India. Certification in Anti Money Laundering is an endeavor to meet the growing demand of the skilled resources in the banking industry. Data related to the Money Laundering is very sensitive and it is not possible to outsource the data. Banks need to equip their staff with the tools to combat money laundering. One of the tools where banks invest heavily is the AML software. But regulators also require the staff to be trained and educated with the Anti Money Laundering provisions.
We cover various aspects in our course including the legal provisions related to Money Laundering but the focus of the course remains on the suspected transaction analysis. Examination remains our strength. We have an exhaustive database of about 500 different questions and though multiple options the selection of questions is done very carefully. Altogether there are seven chapters that cover all the aspects of Money Laundering.
  • The 3 Essential Stages in Money Laundering
  • Techniques of Money Laundering
  • What is KYC ?
  • Law related to Money Laundering
  • Identification of Suspicious transactions
  • Business Sectors and Money Laundering
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