India specific due diligence reports


The analysts at Biznexxus have collective experience of more than 50 years of conducting due diligence on subject companies and individuals in India. This experience has produced a truly refined research methodology that ensures our reports to produce the X factor that the client is looking at.

Challenges with Due Diligence in India

It is important to consider some of the challenges India presents to due diligence practitioners.  Without India specific expertise, your research may miss important information.

Some key challenges include:

  • There are over dozens of regulators and the tax authorities, which publish different data at different time. One of the major challenge that a due diligence practitioner is likely to face in India is to identify the different sources for collecting Information.
  • It is risky to rely upon Western database aggregators for database searches on Indian companies or Individuals. They will only uncover Indian Individuals who have been reported in English press or sanctions lists. What goes uncovered are the bulk of enforcement actions that are reported on in local languages using the Indian names.
  • Indian Political system is very complicated and today virtually driven by the Indian Businesses. It becomes essential to understand the reach of the person you are searching for. No Public domain information is sufficient to show you the reach of the person in politics and various businesses. The nexus builder algorithm of Biznexxus helps the due diligence practitioners in understanding the Indian subject better.

Solutions for conducting the Due Diligence in India

While Indian company registry information is embedded in our InstaReports, we also offer Enhanced Due Diligence Reports which is the detailed version of the Instareports, which combines enforcement actions,  regulatory actions, money laundering information and the nexus with the politicians  in addition to Indian company registration information with the same suite of database driven searches.

While this is not instant service, these reports are available within 2-3 business days.