Mystery Shopping services for Banks in India

Seeding for the banking sector is one of the key services offered by Riskpro.

Mystery shopping is termed as seeding in the banking parlance. Riskpro is one of the leading names in the Indian banking companies for the Seeding activities.

What is Mystery Shopping ?

It is a procedure in which a hired person visits a retail store, a restaurant, a branch of a bank or any similar location to evaluate the quality of customer experience offered by the establishments. At Riskpro, our focus is to cater to the needs of the banking companies.

Banks have specific requirements when it comes to the Seeding exercise. Sometimes they just wish to understand the quality of the services offered by the branch staff or sometimes it is the quality of back office staff.

To make sure that the staff follows the processes, team of mystery shopping experts work with banks to conduct regular audits at the specified branches.

Our mystery shoppers fit the target customer profile and they are provided with a questionnaire for evaluating the different parameters on which the branches would be judged. Then our seeding experts visit the location pretending to be a genuine customer and make detailed note of things that they have been asked to measure.

The data collected by the mystery shoppers is then compiled and then the analytical reports are presented to the bank.

Based on the report of Riskpro, the client bank can take steps to improve the level of customer service and decide to improve the internal controls in the bank branch operations. Mystery shopping is a vital part of the customer relationship management program for any business.

It has become first line of defense in the fight against the frauds. Mystery shopping can be one of the most cost-effective methods of gathering the market intelligence.

It can be deployed quickly and inexpensively. Mystery shopping allows bankers to quickly gather reliable and quality feedback from a compliance perspective.
It is an invaluable tool for bank managers seeking to evaluate a team’s front staff’s performance levels.
Riskpro Management Consulting is one of the leading Mystery Shopping company in India and help the bankers to:

  1. Identify mis-selling of banking products.
  2. Fraudulent promises by the front staff.
  3. Front staff hostile to collusion.

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