Riskpro is one of the leading intelligence-as-service company, which creates various intelligence inputs to the banking sector companies based on the market events. Riskpro is a thought leader in the global market intelligence services.

In order to gather intelligence on fraudulent individuals and companies, the Reserve Bank of India established market intelligence units across India in 2014. This unit was established to tackle shadow banking which is banking-like activity by non-banking finance companies (NBFC), which remain outside the regulatory framework. After the crisis in the NBFC Space, the need for the market intelligence units have been reiterated in the banking sector.

According to Indiaforensic, Market intelligence allows a bank to estimate the magnitude of possible risks associated with the borrower and is also valuable in understanding the intentions of the potential borrowers.

In-spite of having the regulatory requirements, banks are found to be hesitant about gathering the market intelligence because there are no evidences available for the information to substantiate. Historical analysis of some of the failures of borrowers reveals that the inner circle of the business knows different aspects of information.

Riskpro, which offers the intelligence as service is considered as thought leader as it compiles information based on the borrowers of the different banks and compiles the events which pose the risk for the banks. Intelligence gathering is the core strength of the research team of Riskpro.

Investigative Intelligence Report

Riskpro produces structured information about the various investigative events which impact the Indian financial institutions directly. Most of these events have direct impact on the bottomline of the bank’s balancesheet. India’s investigative agencies have become aggressive and have investigated numerous borrowers of Indian banks for default in repayment of loans or for the corrupt practices. Our reports provide intelligence to Individual Indian Banks about their borrowers who are being probed by the investigative agencies.

Enforcement Action Report

Enforcement Agencies are going behind the borrowers and in some cases are seizing the assets. One of the most significant activity of the asset recovery team of Indian banks is to understand what is happening with the borrower even before it is classified as criminal. This may impact the security offered to the bank. This is an external intelligence gathered on the borrowers of the bank.

Enhanced Due Diligence Reports

Reserve Bank of India vide its Master Direction DBR.AML.BC.No.81/14.01.001/2015-16 have asked the Regulated entities to perform extended due diligence over the Politically Exposed Persons. Riskpro, which is one of the leading compiler of the information associated with politico-businesses provide specific reports on the Individual politician and its influence on various businesses.

Auditor Interest Reports

Audit firms and their partners play a vital role in lending decisions as the watchdogs of the financial system. It is important to understand their interests of the auditors or audit firms, in other companies when they are in practice.

In addition to the pre-defined intelligence reports created for individual banks, Riskpro offers innovative intelligence solutions for the banks and financial institutions based on the trigger or the events. In order to know more about our Market Intelligence services please feel free to speak to our team. You can write us on contactus@riskpro.co.in or you may get in touch with us on +91-9766594401