Real Estate Laundering

Though Money Laundering Regulations don’t cover the Real Estate Sector Directly, it covers the transactions in the financial statements. Investments in the Real Estate properties, Joint Ventures and Financing deals take place through the banking system. This video is the small explaination of how the money gets laundered through the real estate sector.

Lack of real estate regulator and the availability of the non tax paid cash is the prime reason for money laundering in the Indian Real estate sector.

Biznexxus is the platform which helps the companies in assessing the portfolio of the vendors. When the investors, lenders or partners are entering into the real estate sector we help them in performing due diligence for the real estate sector players who are investing into the unexplored areas.

Our reports elaborate the risks associated with other companies which are target of investment. From the Political associations to Auditor Integrity we perform the due diligence based on 21 different risk parameters.