Riskpro PEP API Gateway

This API Gateway (REST API) is used for getting information about the Indian Politically Exposed Persons compiled by the Biznexxus. The information can be obtained by matching the names in the Biznexxus database with any database. This API currently supports GET requests and it provides the responses in JSON format.

Making a request

Please note the API donot support POST requests and will not provide any response for POST request.

The parameters used in API request are:

  • api_key: This parameter represents the your unique api key.This parameter is mandatory.
  • name: This parameter represents the name of politician you want to look up.This is a mandatory parameter.
  • min_percent_match: This parameter represents how much accuracy you want while matching the names.Internally we use a fuzzy logic algorithm to match names. This parameter can take value from 70 to 100. This means you can have 70% to 100% matching accuracy.This is a optional parameter.If you don’t specify it ,its value will be taken as 100.If its value is 100 then we will directly use traditional character to character string matching.But if its value is in between 70 to 99 then we will match all the names which has matching accuracy equal to or more than this parameter.

Getting a response

Responses are provided in JSON format.Resonses are of two types that is success response and error response.

Success Response

Parameter/keys present for success response are:

  1. type: This represents type of response.Here it value will be “success”
  2. remaining_requests: This parameter represents how many API requests you can make.
  3. result_count: This parameter represents the result count or count the names that are matched.It is also the length of “data” array.
  4. requested_name:This represents your query name in your GET request.
  5. data: This is an array of JSON objects.Each object  represents a result.Each of these JSON Objects have following fields:
    • First_name:Represents the First name of the person
    • pan: Represents the PAN NO of the person
    • nationality: Represents the nationality of the person
    • din: Represents the Director identification no of the person
    • total_asset: Represents the amount of total assets person holds
    • full_name: Represents the full name of the person
    • education: Represents the education of the person
    • address:Represents the address of the person
    • gender:Represents the gender of the person
    • pin:Represents the PIN of the person
    • dob: Represents the Date Of Birth Of the person
    • state: Represents the state of the person
    • email: Represents the email if of the person
    • father_name: Represents the fathers name of the person
    • passport: Represents the passport no
    • city: Represents the city
    • party: Represents the political party
    • middle_name: Represents the middle name
    • constituency: Represents the constituency
    • last_name: Represents the last name

Here if some field is not present in out database then its default value will be null.

Error responses

In case of an error these responses are sent.Errors can be of various types.

Parameter/keys present for error response are:

  1. type: This represents type of response.Here it value will be “error”.
  2. message:This represents the type of error that has occurred.

Additional Notes

API may send error responses in following conditions:

  • API key is not specified.
  • Name is not specified.
  • If API key is wrong
  • If value of min_percent_match is less than 70 or greater than 100.
  • If you have exhausted your requests limit.