Digital Forensic Services

Digital Forensic Tools

We at Riskpro has developed the Digital Forensic tool for imaging and recovery. This ensures lowest pricing for the disk imaging and data recovery.

Using our cutting edge proprietary tools and relations with some of the best forensic laboratories in the country, we can find, retrieve, preserve, analyze, and process vast amounts of electronic information in a legally robust and efficient manner. Our forensic technology specialists are trained in the forensic acquisition and analysis of electronic evidence and document management. The team is experienced in handling evidence with consideration of data protection and some of the team members are ex-law enforcement.

During electronic discovery, we assist clients by providing:

  • A complete range of information system-focused investigative services, including specialists in traditional commercial litigation matters, criminal investigative proceedings and regulatory inquiries/investigations
  • Computer Forensics — forensic images of media (personal computers, servers, backup tapes, other systems) and review of deleted/damaged data
  • Inventory and mapping of relevant data sources and systems
  • Analytics and processing of e-mail and other data including enterprise wide data storage and database systems
  • Support for attorney work product, privilege and relevancy reviews of electronically stored data
  • Creation of production sets (i.e., CD ROM, hard copy, web)
  • Expert testimony in support of legal positions with respect to an electronic discovery request