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The Risk Management Company

Established in 2008, Riskpro is the leading Indian professional services company in the Governance, Risk and Compliance domain


Our innovative Due Diligence solutions are backed by nexus building technology


We offer the Certifications in the Forensic Accounting and Compliance Domain through Indiaforensic


We work hard to secure the hard earned assets of clients. Fraud Risk Management and Compliance are our key consulting activities


With the acquisition of Fraudexpress, Riskpro has created the portfolio of publications in the risk management


Biznexxus is an independent financial research and analytics company that specializes in building the nexus between various individuals and businesses in India. Biznexxus work with leading banks, PE/VC firms, consulting houses and corporates. Biznexxus provide company reports with rich information on many of the companies in India in a very time-efficient manner. Business networks pose many risks. Nexus builder algorithm developed by the team of professionals in Biznexxus, establish the nexus between various businesses and adds X factor. There are variety of the information providers which generate the similar research reports but they lack the fundamental research, which the team of Biznexxus is doing since last 10 years. The people behind Biznexxus have consolidated 50 years of experience in the risk management.

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