Fraud Risk Management

Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals are specialists in the investigative accounting and have a unique set of skills that are not found in any other discipline. They combine knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of law, criminology, investigation and how to resolve allegations of fraud.

Fraud Risk Management

Managing the risk of frauds is the growing area of concern for the management and shareholders in todays business environment.Organisation should recognize the specific fraud risks that can threaten their financial and reputational stability. A structured fraud risk assessment program helps the management to understand the specific fraud risks.

Why Riskpro ?

Knowledge of fraud risks and ability to design audit programs to address those risks.
Awareness of business operations and risks associated with the nature of operations.
Ability to assess internal controls and antifraud programs.
Ability to design audit programs to detect red flags for fraud schemes identified as high priority during the fraud risk assessment project.


We identify the fraud risk in various areas in the balancesheet.

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Expenses and other sectors which are customizable.

Financial fraud related investigations bear few similarities to traditional audits. In the simplest terms possible, it is fair to say that traditional auditing seeks to verify things that are known to be; fraud-specific investigations seek to determine the existence of things that are not known to be and may not be.

It differs from financial auditing. They go beyond the numbers. Specially trained forensic accountants require investigators with the mindset to focus on the exceptions, the odd trends, accounting irregularities and patterns in data, not just on errors and omissions. Typically, corporate investigations involve a large number of documents– including electronic evidence–that often contain the facts on which the successful outcome of the case may rely. Our senior professionals are skilled at organizing, managing and identifying documents to assist a company in analyzing the relevant facts and evidence. However, documents do not generally answer all questions, so additional interviews with employees and others with specific knowledge of the transactions may be required. Our team of fraud investigators includes former law enforcement and prosecutorial personnel who have strong interview skills and are extremely adept at exposing fraud schemes and helping to expedite recoveries. In addition, understanding the client’s business and the relevant issues enables our people to assess the issues in light of the business and corporate environment in which a company is operating, its financial condition and the results of its operations.