What is Indianveshan ?
This award is to honor a forensic accounting professional [Member or non-member of Indiaforensic] whose work demonstrates a combination of talent, vision and contribution to the community. This is the highest award given by Indiaforensic to any forensic accounting professional in the country who is creating the success stories in the forensic accounting and auditing domain. This award is bestowed annually on a person who has prevented, detected and investigated significant number of fraud cases in the financial year.

Past winners
2007 – Capt.Percy Jokhi – CSO of Firstsource – Based on number fraud cases submitted
2008– Chandrashekhar Gokhale – MD of Astute Corporate – Astute is claimed to be preventing losses of Rs. 100 crore every year in the banking domain alone [ Sucess story ], Build 400 offices in the country [Vision]
2009 – Prashant Nayak – Director of Security in Walt DisneyHe obtained 5 certifications in forensic accounting , computer forensic etc [ Talent], He facilitated number of law enforcement officers to enter the industry [Contribution to the community]

2010 – Arpinder Singh – Head of Forensic, Ernst and Young – He obtained the award for the community contribution and creating the benchmark of remuneration for the antifraud industry

Evaluation Process
The members of juries will propose one name based on the following crietria and the majority wins

  • Talent, vision
  • Success stories
  • Number of fraud cases handled
  • Contribution to the community

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