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Couple of months back when i got the linkedin message from Rashmi Bansal, I had sleepless nights thinking that I was considered for the next project of Rashmi Bansal. One of my Idol, favorite women entrepreneur.

I have been a great follower of Rashmi Bansal’s books. She has written some of the most popular books like Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’, ‘Connect the Dots’, ‘I have a Dream’, ‘Follow Every Rainbow’, ‘Take – Me Home and Poor Little Rich Slum. Though in a dilemma, i was overwhelmed to know that i would be featured in the next book of Rashmi Bansal.

Today, when i received the copy of my book from Amazon, i was absolutely delighted to see the way the story is written.

Actually, Fraud is a taboo subject. Not many people like to discuss about it, its better swiped under the carpet. Having worked on sensitive cases, i was very conservative about giving the information out about the venture. I always felt that the words can be double sided word. But after reading the book, I am really thankful to Rashmi Bansal for making the taboo subject easy for the readers. I consider this as one of the biggest endorsement for my professional achievements. This story gives meaning to my life as a professional.

I am sure this book will encourage more students to become entrepreneurs, more professionals to take the forensic accounting as the career option.

I wish this book becomes as successful as Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and break all the records of the best selling books of Rashmi Bansal.

I would appeal everyone reading this post to buy this book. This book is published by Westland Limited and is available on all the major e-commerce portals.

This book has already become one of the popular books on Amazon and is on the way to become bestseller in the non-fiction book category.




  1. […] Apurva is a multitalented individual and at a very young age has number of achievements in her name. Today, Apurva has worked on many assignments of listed companies and multinationals . She became the youngest fraud examiner in India when she passed CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner ) at the ages of 20. Apurva had an earlier venture called Fraudexpress,  the first media portal for anti-fraud examiners in Asia highlighting their journey & their achievements. Through Fraudexpress , Apurva has designed certain career courses that have been recognized by Solapur University, Maharashtra. Fraudexpress was later merged with RiskPro. Apurva is also the author of a book for students called  Students Handbook on Forensic Accounting. Recently, author of the famous books Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots, I have a Dream, Ms. Rashmi Bansal, launched her 7th book “Arise, Awake” in which a story of Apurva’s  personal and professional life is featured. […]


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